RDA strongly believes in the power of research and knowledge-sharing.

RDA organizes international conferences regularly, with the theme “Commitment to Excellence: Create longing for the up-gradation of the know-how where the impact is required in depth to sharpen the skills”. Conference aims to take inspiration from external sources to facilitate brainstorming and to gather ideas. RDA strives hard to provide an ideal platform for students, researchers, teachers, professors, academicians, industrialists, policy makers and corporate professionals around the globe to showcase their research and to recognize their talent.

RDA publishes international journals which  consist of  high quality theoretical and empirical original research papers, case studies, review papers, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, technical note from researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students from all over the world.
Research Development Research Foundation(RDRF) is the sister concern of RDA which publishes international journals with a focused aim of promoting and publishing original high quality research dealing with theoretical and scientific aspects of applied and conceptual research in multidisciplinary disciplines.

All research articles submitted to RDA should be original in nature and should not be published in any journal or presented in a conference or undergoing such process across the globe. All the submissions will be peer-reviewed by the panel of experts associated with particular field. Submitted papers should meet the internationally accepted criteria and manuscripts should follow the style of the journal for the purpose of both reviewing and editing.

All Journals are double blinded peer-reviewed international journals, which welcomes high-quality research articles from all areas of academics. Subject areas include, but are not limited. It can also include  the following fields:

Emerging paradigms in related business subjects , Micro Economics, Econometrics, Marketing Research, Computer science, Monetary Policy, Economic Development, Marketing Theory & Applications, Business Innovation, Portfolio & Security Analysis, Economic History, Finance, Public Policy Economics, Financial Institutions & Markets, Office Administration/Management, Marketing, Financial Services, Operations Research/Statistics, Human Resource Management, Regional Economics, Fiscal Policy, Organizational Behavior Theory, General Management, Tax Accounting, Government & Non Profit Accounting, Organizational Development, Banking/ Insurance, Advertising & Promotion Management, Industrial Organization, Production/Operations, Corporate Governance, Business Education, International Economics & Trade, Public Administration, Accounting Education, Management Information Systems (MIS), International Finance, Purchasing/Materials, Accounting Information Systems, Business Law, Macro Economics, Management, Accounting Theory & Practice, Public Responsibility &Ethics, Numerical Analysis/Scientific, Retailing,  Auditing, Communication, Computing, Sales/Selling, Behavioral Accounting, Direct Marketing, Object Oriented Programming, Be, havioral Economics, E-Commerce, Operating Systems, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance, Global Business, Programming Languages, Strategic Management Policy, Cost Accounting, Health Care Administration, Robotics, Technology/Innovation, Web Design, Labor  Relations  &  Human Resource Management, Symbolic & Formal Logic, Tourism, Computer Graphics, Hospitality & Leisure, Internet, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Computer Organization & Architecture, Transportation/Physical Distribution, Management Information, Multimedia, Database Structures & Systems, Algorithms, Systems Modeling & Simulation, Neural Systems/Neural Networks, Digital Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Compilers & Translation, Computer Aided Design (CAD).